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All images done with 2 M8 bodies, series of lenses (see top right corner of each image for lens/data info.), with in 7 days last winter.Really great experience shooting on location with this system. Only down side was that I was not able to review the images on my P2000 each night (shame on you Epson ...).

This trip to Panama was short , too short for colorful country like this. My stay was mostly in Panama City with a day trip to City of Colon. Closest I got to the jungle was the bus trip across Panama. I was there shooting video as main assignment, and M8 kit came as a perfect tool to carry around together with the rest of pro video gear. My intention was to shoot selective, gearing towards my stock photographyas I had no time to dedicate my self shooting more personal or art stuff. As with all my other shoots for stock, ISO value was set on lowest possible to achieve the best possible quality file (shooting Leica or Canon, no difference).

As far as lens selection, my Leica kit was following: CV 15mm, Leica 24mm, Leica 35/2.0 asph, Lux 50/1.4 pre asph, Lux 75, Leica 90/2.0 (I left Leica 21 pre asph and CV35/1.2 at home).

Files were processed in LR and CS2. All shot RAW. Color and vibrant look has to do with shooting location it self and the time of the day I choose to shoot (early mornings or late afternoons/evenings). At the end, it does not hurt to "pump" a bit saturation as a final step inCS2...

In this gallery you can see the sample pages from the book "7 DAYS IN PANAMA" that I printed with You can order this book at as the part of Photography and Art library.