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The Mini Cooper has an extremely long heritage in racing. From it s beginnings, the car was always a small, quick and nimble automobile that was extremely fun to drive. It wasn't very powerful, but it had amazing handling. In 2002, BMW took over the production of the Mini Cooper; redesigning the Mini Cooper which had gone untouched for so many years wasn't an easy task, but BMW managed to bring the compact car to modern appeal.

When BMW started to produce the Mini Cooper, they incorporated their own long line of racing heritage and racing technology in the project to come up with the Mini Cooper that you see today. With it s Bulldog-Like stance, light weight, and low center of gravity the Mini Cooper was designed to handle.

In 2009. I got my third MINI. First two were back twenty years ago in former Yugoslavia: first, black Mini 1000 I got used for 1000DM from my (future) brother in law (see photo). Second was my Mini 1000 Mayfair Edition. I got it used in Germany, and drove it back to Belgrade together with my wife. It was the best little silver car on the street...
Fast Forward to 2009, I got 2006. MINI COOPER Soho Edition.
Finally, back in a Mini seat! Hopefully, I will be able to drive Mini for a long time (get retired in it?)...

This gallery is the tribute to MY DREAM CAR that I am lucky to drive every day...